David Tobias March 4, 2010 Announcements

David Tobias June 25, 2009 Tips & Tricks

People often ask me the best way to use the app.  heres an example:


You want to hit record at the beginning of your trip, at each stop and at the end of your trip.  For example if you want to record you trip from your house to your office back to you house you would do the following.

Record once at your house before you leave.
Record once at your office. 
Record once more again at your house.  This will give daytracker a point for each stop in your route.

Also the longer you wait (I recommend 10-12 seconds) the more accurate the GPS signal will be.  One more tip.  After you record a point make sure you close DayTracker by going back to your home screen (do this by hitting the button at the bottom of the iPhone.)  This will help make sure you are getting the most accurate GPS info.